Pound Cake Creations

Signature Crusted Top Pound Cakes

Buttery, Sugary and Oh So Delicious!!!


This is the cake that started it all! 

Yep, this is the cake my grandmother used to make and the one that I have been making for 40 years. 

This is the cake I made for my boyfriend 35 years ago...we will celebrate our 30 year anniversary next year!  

This is the cake that accompanies all of my family gatherings.

This is the cake that brings families together during the holidays. 

This is the cake that have created so many memories like watching my Dad eat it plain with a cup of coffee, my Mother toasting it and adding extra butter and my Father-In-Law eating it with a hunk of smoked cheese. 

This is the cake that is still my husbands favorite dessert.

 With this cake you can't go wrong...the cake that started it all! 

Pound Cake Variations

Our Base Cake is available in

4 different flavors...

Original, Pecan, Hawaiian and Lemon!

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Whole Pound Cake.jpg